On December 11, Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE S.A. became the subject of in-depth analysis conducted on the pages of “Strefa Inwestorów”. The editor of the portal, Rafał Irzyński, ran a webinar explaining the analysis of financial statements of capital groups, analysing the report of our company as an example.

Rafał Irzyński about analysis of capital group’s reports:A Capital Group is a special type of company, which consists of many companies, often operating in various industries.It is an opportunity for the investor to diversify risk and additional profit if all entities in the group are dynamically developing. The benefits are also potential revenue synergies. But on the other hand, it is also a big challenge.The effective analysis of the capital group requires an understanding of what it consists of and the nuances of individual entities that belong to it. Another challenge is also to analyze what and how it affects the whole group.

How, then, analyze the financial statements of capital groups? What to look for when analyzing the profit and loss account and balance sheet? What indicators of fundamental analysis should be taken into account? I told about all this on the example of GK Immobile during the educational webinar. I invite you to watch its record”.

The final of the construction of the A-class office building IMMOBILE K3
Investor’s newsletter – NOVEMBER 2018


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