Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE S.A. is a company with years of experience in investment and real estate management. It is a holding company operating in such sectors as heavy industry, hotel industry and development. Diversification is a response to the current economic situation and a guarantee of economic stability and sustainability. Thanks to our capital, experience and knowledge, we are able to meet the challenges of a global economy and achieve market and financial success.

The roots of Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBIE S.A. dates back to 1868, when Herman Lehnert started to renovate agricultural machines. For the next century and a half, under the name of MAKRUM, the company has gained international recognition as a manufacturer of crushers and machines for the mining industry. The breakthrough, however, turned out to be the year 2001, when Rafał Jerzy became the main shareholder of MAKRUM. Thanks to him, the company began to dynamically operate in the offshore and marine sectors, and in 2007 went public. The next major milestones in the history of MAKRUM was to takeover the real estate company Immobile Sp. z o.o. and changing of Company’s name to Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE S.A.

Grupa Kapitałowa IMMOBILE S.A. debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in July 2007. The main objective of the company is to invest in industries with the best development prospects and the highest profitability, both on the Polish and foreign markets.





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